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Shiitake Miso Soup with Poached Egg
Have you seen Portlandia?  The silly IFC show that mocks hipsters in Portland, OR?  It’s weird and funny and sometimes way out of left field, but when it hits it, it hits it right.  One of the more famous sketches is “Put a Bird On It!”  Because, you know, that’s what those crazy hipsters be doing out in Williamsburg and Nashville and Portland, is taking any old random-ass thing and putting a bird on it and calling it art.
Yet it was with a conflicted heart when I realized that, should my life ever become the basis for a self-contained parody sketch show a la Portlandia (in which, of course, hilarity will always ensue), that it would have to be titled “Poach an Egg In It!”  Because I think when it comes to any broth based soup I have a problem, and that problem is a minor obsession with adding a poached egg.  I just can’t stop myself.
It doesn’t help that being it’s January and all, I’ve been making a lot of soup.  It’s so easy and cheap and quick to prepare, and The Big Man and I have both waging war on the battleground of Operation Flu Season.  Our fridge has seen a constant rotation of soup, all of which I find some way to add an egg to.
My personal favorite soup as of late?  This shiitake mushroom and miso soup.  With a poached egg, obvi.  Because the Big Man hates mushrooms so there’s more for me, and everything tastes better with a little miso paste, and I can poach an egg in it. Hilarity.



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