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I’m Ruthy, and I live in New York City, where I work in freelance recipe testing, development and editing. I also do freelance food writing and cooking class instruction. Interested in working with me?  You can reach me here:

During my past as a food blogger, I worked with a number of different clients including Fleischmann’s Yeast, Karo Syrup, Kallari Organic Chocolate, the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Cabot Cheese, California Olives, Recipe Rehab, My Irish Jeweler, and Kitchen PLAY. I was a featured blogger on Yummly and Honest Cooking. In 2014, I stepped away from food blogging to concentrate more on my freelance career. 

Recently, I have completed work with Cabot Cheese in recipe testing and editing. I also was the publisher’s recipe tester for the cookbook Ramen Fusion, which was published on October 6, 2015 by DK, as well as the technical recipe editor for the upcoming Idiot’s Guide’s Autoimmune Cookbook, also by DK. 

I’m currently a staff recipe tester for food52, helping to analyze the many user-submitted recipes and help make the decision as to what will be published, both on the site and in their array of cookbooks.

I’m always interested in working with companies, publishers or brands, and am open to all relationships involving areas of my expertise. Feel free to contact me about rates and availability!  


Please understand that my acceptance of product or materials do not always warrant a professional relationship nor a brand highlight, either on my blog or in my worklife.  I reserve the right to make the final decision regarding all content presented within this site.

  • paperfriendly

    Love it…and I promise to eat.

    • omeletta

      Thank you! An approval from you means way more than anything- and feel free on any grammatical changes! X

  • http://karina Keekdawg

    Hey , I am way too skinny. Please come feed me Ruthy?

    • omeletta

      Lol I agree, girl, you definitely need some meat on those bones!

  • Grisel

    Everything I’ve seen you post I want to try…and I love your easy breezy story telling style.



    • omeletta

      Aw thanks my love! Looking forward to some Cuban cooking from you soon, you can definitely teach me a few things. xx

  • Erin’s DC Kitchen

    Love this concept! I’m from Ann Arbor, and we go Up North every summer to the lake. great family and food memories abound there. I’m sure this project isn’t in vain, keep at it!

    • omeletta

      Thank you! I’m excited to follow along with your blog, too. From one Midwest-to-East Coast transplant to another! :)

  • Erin’s DC Kitchen

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve given you the Kreativ Blog and Blog on Fire awards, check it out here: Have a great weekend :-)

    • omeletta

      Thank you, Erin!! That is so thoughtful and nice of you, I appreciate it so much. :) Have fun Up North next week, drink a Vernors for me :) x

      • Erin’s DC Kitchen

        I will, and I’ll probably rock out some Faygo red pop or moon mist :-)

  • triciatierney

    You are wonderful! (well, probably you are, because your blog/photos/recipes are) Tricia

    • omeletta

      Thank you! This came at the perfect time, I was having a kind of crappy day but your comment instantly put me in a better mood. :) Much, much apppreciated! x

  • Shannon

    Love the blog name. Love the blog! Love your ‘tude. Keep going! I get the whole growing up with a craving for better food thing (except I was Mormon, not Midwestern, but as my crazy best freind says “same smell!”! That’s what got me to start my blog, too! Good luck!

    • omeletta

      thank you! lol “same smell”, I like it :) And I absolutely love your blog, too- just started following!

  • Lauren

    Hi Ruthy,
    We were in the same Alt Summit class today and I was just checking out your blog! Always happy to “meet” another food blogger, and I’ll be following along now! I come up to NY for work a lot, so I’ll also have to get your recommendations for places to eat when I am up again. –Lauren

    • omeletta

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! I’m just now getting the chance to digest all the info and links I got today :) Please do let me know next time you’re in town, I would love to recommend some places! x Ruthy

  • flat-leaf parsley

    Hi — I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. For badge and info, please check out:

  • Rachel

    Hey Ruthy,

    It was great to meet you at the food photography event the other day. I love your blog and just subscribed. I hope to see you at similar events in the future.


    • omeletta

      Great meeting you too, Rachel! Thanks so so much for subscribing. Love your site as well!