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Table Scraps 07/24/14

Gathering another assembly line of dork articles and nerd memes for a new Table Scraps feels like slipping into an old sweatshirt that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant (and thin!).  Here’s a smattering of what I’ve been reading and sharing lately: 

July 24, 2014


Breastfeeding makes me STARVING, like all the time.  Which makes sense, since eight times a day I literally POUR calories out of my body and into my voracious child.  When I was pregnant, my appetite didn’t really change that much.  So naturally, I got all smug about it.  And now I’m being punished for my smugness.  These days, I could eat a whole steak dinner and go back for seconds, then be like “Let’s get some ice cream!”  Rarely do I find anyone who is willing to join me all the way, so this is what I usually feel like: 

"I'm ready for lunch!" | omeletta.com



This Gawker article on challenging TGI Friday’s new Endless Appetizer’s promotion is everything to me right now.  (see: me, hungry. Always)


I’m on to you, child: 

Sneaky Baby | from omeletta.com


OUTLANDER ON AUGUST 9.  I could watch this preview over and over again and still get chills.  To say I’m ready for it is a total understatement. 



This is the greatest article every written about the American Girl franchise.  I had no idea it had changed so much since I was a kid: I am so depressed right now.


Between the preteens with social media access (which send chills down my spine these days) and the mommy-blogger bent, this Masahble article about cyber-bullies raises some serious questions and has a very Scream-ish “I’m calling from inside the house” vibe to it. 


I saw Ray Lamontagne at Interlochen on Tuesday with my brother.  I’m not a fan of his new album (WAY too overproduced and too… happy? Be-boppy?  Something feels off) so when he performed songs from it I was all, YAWN.  But THEN!  It was as if he knew everyone was just suffering through the new stuff to get to the old, and the man freaking delivered.  The rest of the show I was blown away, the crowd went ballistic, it was a sea of dancing hipsters all around.  He did the hands down best version of Trouble ever, and I say that even though I’m a little sick of that song.  Til now.  I can’t get enough of this guy.  (I could keep talking about it, but I’ll spare you.)

Here’s an acoustic version that is sort-of-not-even-close as good as last night: 



That’s it for now!  Yeesh.  That felt good.  Here’s to getting back in the swing of things, eh?

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  1. I love Ray Lamontagne! And I’m so hungry all the time cause of nursing. I eat at least 5 meals a day!
    Anyway, I am the lady behind BLW Ideas on Instagram. I have a separate blog too (http://beforeduringandafterblog.com) but that’s neither here nor there. Just wanted to stop by your space and leave a note! I’m going to follow you on Bloglovin’ too. :)

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