Spicy Sweet Potato Soup (guest post by Courtney at Neighborfood)

In case you haven’t heard- a cute little fat bundle of Omeletta baby arrived into the world last Saturday morning! I’m kissing cheeks and changing diapers and falling in love with this perfect little creation.  While I’m out doing the new mom thing, the awesome Courtney from Neighborfood stepped in to help a girlfriend out with a guest post.  Please make sure you stop by her page and check it out- she is hilarious, takes great photos, and writes an awesome post. Take it away, Coutney!


sweet potato soup 2

Hey there Omeletta fans! I’m Courtney and I’m visiting today from my blog Neighborfood. If I lived closer to Ruthy, I’d be popping over with a homemade casserole, a bottle of wine, and an entire wheel of soft cheese, but since that’s currently impossible, I’m bringing you this recipe for Spicy Sweet Potato Soup instead.

Some ideas are doomed to either be really, really good or really, really bad. Examples of bad ideas: Flesh toned leggings. Purple ketchup. Drying jeans on high heat. Not scraping the ice off your car before driving it. Hitting “reply all” (usually). Staying up until 3 AM on a Tuesday night binge watching Seinfeld reruns.

Examples of good ideas: Eating ice cream. Going to work. Wearing pants in public. Tater tots as burger buns. Post Its. Huddling up on the couch with three blankets, bootie socks, hot chocolate, and a thermostat set a tad too high.

sweet potato soup 1

When I first thought about a spicy Sriracha sweet potato soup, I honestly wasn’t sure whether it would land in the good idea camp or the bad idea camp. But  I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I finally just decided to go for it. Lucky for me (and you), it flew right past the good idea camp straight into the surprise-your-socks-off excellent camp.

I don’t often make pureed soups, but after trying this one, I know more of them are in my future. The texture of this is similar to a creamy tomato bisque. It’s thick and hearty, but with a smooth richness that comes from a swirl of coconut milk at the end. The flavor is Asian inspired with a mix of ginger, chili pepper, and Chinese Five Spice complimenting the mild sweetness of the sweet potatoes. A finishing swirl of Sriracha adds just the right amount of heat to warm you from the inside out. Seriously, this tough will knock the teeth right out of the polar vortex’s  mouth . The flavors are so warm and comforting, you’ll be craving them long after your bowl is gone. 

I was nervous to share this with the Mr. since he usually wrinkles his nose at the word “vegetarian,” but he shocked me and the rest of the world by scarfing down an entire bowl and commenting on multiple occasions how much he enjoyed this soup. I’ll call that a win.

sweet potato soup 1 

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6 Responses to Spicy Sweet Potato Soup (guest post by Courtney at Neighborfood)

  1. littleredkitchen

    Wait there is a thing such as tater tot buns? Where does it exist and how can I get it? Plus after I have that, I can make up for it the next time with this soup.

  2. Betsy Cohen

    Love this recipe. I stopped telling peeps that a recipe is vegetarian or ‘whatever’ because, assuming they actually eat the ingredients within the recipe, I know they will love the dish.

    Can’t wait to make this one!

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  4. Hi Ruthy, are you having issues with a recipe plugin? We can’t see recipes on your site right now.

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