Pear and Sage Sparklers

Pear and Sage Sparklers | from
Let’s pretend, shall we?

Let’s pretend that the baby currently residing in my uterus (ugh that word, sorry) is currently out of me and I can have a cocktail.  Or that alcohol didn’t affect children’s brains and I could enjoy this rad Pear and Sage Sparkler with zero guilt niggling me at the back of my mind.

So we’ll steep pear and sugar and sage together, and mix it with sparkling water and a good dose of bourbon.  Or gin.  Or heck, even vodka.  Let’s go crazy!  White Wine, Pear and Sage Spritzers!  Hold me back.
Pear and Sage Sparklers
In any case, booze or no, this sparkler is perfectly delicious without the alcohol.  And all this talk is beginning to make me feel a little like I’m an alkie, white-knuckling it through these nine months, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The older I become, and the farther I get from my early twenties, the less I’m down with the drunken nights and the more I just enjoy a good cocktail.  Thankfully, this sparkler can just pretend to have a shot of vodka in it and I’ll just pretend  I don’t miss it.
Pear and Sage Sparklers
Unfortunately, there’s no glass of wine (or spritzers) at the end of the day for this girl, so I find my relaxation in other ways; currently, this includes sitting on the couch in front of Netflix and eating Talenti gelato straight from the container with a teaspoon, because eating with a teaspoon makes the ice cream experience last longer and I can trick myself into believing I’m eating a huge portion when it’s not really that big.  Otherwise, I think I’d be a bit like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, tottling down the street and pouring food into my mouth.  I’m hungry all the time these days!

Back to the drink.  The best thing about it is, it’s ridic simple, freshy fresh, and pretty much tastes like winter threw a party in your mouth.

…That sounded appetizing in my head and came out sounding a little weird, my apologies.

Make it for your holiday parties!  Amaze your friends!  Add a little booze and call it a night!  I’ll be raising a glass with you sometime next Spring.
Pear and Sage Sparklers
Pear-Sage Sparklers

1 cup sugar
3 cups tap water
2 whole pears, peeled, cored and diced
20-25 fresh sage leaves


Bring the sugar and water to a boil over medium heat, then turn down to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved completely.  Add the pears and sage, then simmer until the entire mixture has reduced by half, about 1 hour.  Let cool and pour over sparkling or soda water.  Add booze if you’re not pregnant.

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  1. The last line of your directions is the best. I shall take it with the booze please. Normally I’m an add bourbon to everything girl, but I first saw this and thought gin. Lovely.

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