Italian Polenta Bake

Italian Polenta Bake- a creamy layered casserole | from
It’s not even two weeks into 2014, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  Since I’m still writing “2010″ on all my checks, I suppose I should just get used to the fact that it is actually 4 years later.  I mean, it’s not like pregnancy brain has shot my memory to hell already, or anything.  

I’ve made a ridiculous amount of freezer ready food lately, and this Italian-style Polenta Bake was thoroughly supposed to be part of that Freezer Crowd.  But it was so warm and creamy and flavorful that it never actually got stored away.  Which means that, hopefully, I’ll have some time to make another batch before my stubborn baby finally decides to make his (her?) way into the world.  
Italian Polenta Bake
Wasn’t it just last week I was all worked up about not being ready to have this baby yet? Lo, how the tides have changed.  Now I’m not only ready, but seriously impatient.  Then again, it’s not like anyone could accuse me of being a woman who does a great job overall at waiting.  I’m pretty good at waiting for cakes to rise and meringue to set.  I’m not good at waiting for hot pizza to cool before I try to eat it, for waiting for my husband to return my calls when I have a burning question to ask (important questions like, “Can you bring home milk?”), or for another season of Orange is the New Black to start.  Then again, no sane person ever successfully waited for hot pizza to cool off before digging in, so I’m sure you’ll let me off the hook on that one.

Italian Polenta Bake

This Polenta Bake is sorta casserole-y, sorta lasagna-y, and 100% big on flavor.  You can up the spicy heat factor if you wish, and add as much cheese to the polenta as your little heart desires.  The parmesan crust makes a great topping, but even more cheese stirred into that polenta could never be a bad idea. 

Italian Polenta Bake

Just make sure you’ve let it cool a bit before digging in – you trust me on that one.  

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8 Responses to Italian Polenta Bake

  1. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings

    This looks absolutely delicious– pinned!

  2. Nicole @ YoungBrokeandHungry

    I wouldn’t be able to resist this either!

  3. littleredkitchen

    oooh this looks good. Just give me another snow storm with my pantry stocked to make it and I’m good to go (as long as I don’t have to leave the house).

  4. This casserole sounds like the most comforting thing ever for when it’s ridiculously cold and wet outside! So many comfort foods all in one place. :)

  5. Lan | MoreStomach

    this looks amazing, and i love that it’s meant to be frozen for later consumption but alas, never made it to the freezer. that’s a testament to a great dish. it’s kinda sorta like a shepherd’s pie.

    PS. i’m so impressed that you are waiting to see what gender your baby will be!

  6. mom

    This looks yummy! and yes, MORE CHEESE! Hopefully you’ll have some waiting for me when I get there this Saturday. Love ya, sweetie!

  7. This looks incredible! I’ve never tangled with polenta before, but I really want to learn how to use it.

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