cranberry thumbprints (12 days of christmas cookies)

Sometimes I bring my leftover cookies and treats into co-workers.  The Big Man does the same- he may be big and I may at times be insatiable, but sometimes there’s just too much food and not enough us, so we’ll tuck leftovers into our coat pockets or handbags and hand them out to our loving friends.

But I just have to say- these thumbprint cookies are so fricking delicious that there is no way in hell they are leaving my apartment before I eat every.last.crumb.  I woke up excited to eat another cookie. I squirreled some away in the freezer only to dig them out an hour later.  Out of my cold, dead hands will they…  okay, okay, that’s maybe too far, but you get the point.  These babies are good.
Cranberry Thumbprints



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